Things that start with M

I sent an email today that began, Happy Monday. And immediately “oxymoron” sprang to mind. Does Happy really apply to Monday morning? To the end of the weekend and beginning of another marathon of working and responsibility? Is Happy an apt descriptor of rushing around to get from here to there on time and presentable?

Technically, I’d have to say no. Optimistically, I’d have to say yes. I mean, how can the start of the typical work week, the much maligned Monday, have a chance of being happy if we don’t approach it that way? I know, I know, so very Pollyanna. But I’ve found mind over matter a highly successful strategy for feeling, and therefore being, more joyful. Determined to see the glass half-full, I’m often rewarded by little moments of magic.

So begins a regular feature on Sparkly Like a Holiday: Monday Magic. A search for a bit of sparkly goodness to kick-start the week.


Finding a $3.99 bouquet called Rosy Outlook. Unexpected balmy, open window weather. Organizing paperwork. Soul warming leftovers that make the perfect lunch. Mondays. Mundane. Moments. Magic.


3 Responses to “Things that start with M”

  1. Martha Says:

    Nice thoughts here — thanks Pam. 🙂

  2. Sage Says:

    Monday magic! Delicious! What a wonderful idea. And a bouquet called Rosy Outlook! That’s how I’ve been feeling all (inauguration) day long!

  3. диеты для дам Says:

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