Me and my staple gun

Had a bit of fun …


… with bulletin board recovering. The one on the left is a soft cotton twill that’s covering a rather juvenile pink/green/white stripe fabric. On the right, pears give a dull-looking magnetic board a splash of color. The magnets easily work with the thin fabric.

What a quick and satisfying new look. It’s easy:

1. Cut a piece of fabric 2-3 inches wider than your board.

2. Fold fabric tightly over board on left side; staple. Do same for the right side.

3. Now fold the top down. For a tight, smooth corner, fold it just like you would a wrapped package. Staple one corner then the other. Pull middle fabric taut and staple.

That’s it. You can find staple guns at any hardware store. I recommend the smaller “crafty” versions, which are super easy to handle. Pick up a pair of safety goggles while you’re at it.

Simple tools. A few steps. Ooooh, the possibilities!


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