Ga-ga for gocco

Monday’s magic moment is from yesterday but here today as Monday found us away from home, taking full advantage of the school holiday to hang out with friends and become addicted to another crafty endeavor. Gocco.


Crafty readers will no doubt be familiar with this printing medium that’s somewhere between a stamped ink image and silkscreening. You basically draw something, make a master using the Gocco machine (it uses lightbulb flash to “burn” a carbon image on the screen), apply ink and then press it on your paper. You can make multiple prints from a single screen. Now that’s practically as magical as waving a wand and making lots of cute note cards appear.

While we were trying to decipher the Japanese manual (the English version had gone temporarily missing), we found a great tutorial here. Eventually, we were all set up and called on the young artists we were lucky to have nearby for some original art. The artists specified a single color but you can use many different colors and as elaborate an image as you want.

Just think of the possibilities. Custom birthday invitations. Personal stationary. Holiday cards done in minutes. Seriously … after you have your image, the time from creating the master to printing your cards is super fast. Now that’s the kind of instant project gratification I like!


One Response to “Ga-ga for gocco”

  1. Lauri Says:

    Oh I love it! Can we try it at the next craft day?

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