Birthday banner

One of my favorite decorations for birthdays, showers and other special celebrations is a fabric banner.We’re celebrating Miss K’s 8th birthday with a couple school friends tomorrow and so a banner in the birthday girl’s favorite colors was in order.

You start by selecting 4-6 fabrics that complement each other. The fabrics for this banner all came from my stash of scraps and small pieces. You’ll also need seam binding, which the fabric store sells in 3-yard packages.

Then you cut out triangles in whatever size you like. I used 2 different sizes and made a cardboard template, then just traced around right onto the fabric. You cut the triangles out using pinking shears so there’s no chance the ink will show.


I don’t worry about pinking the top edge since it will be hidden by the seam binding.

Once you have all your triangles, decide on the order you like best. Sandwich the first triangle in  between the seam binding and start sewing. You can use any stitch you like: straight, zig-zag, decorative. As you get about halfway across the first triangle, sandwich in the second, and just keep going one after the other. When you reach the end, you’re done!

Start to finish, this project takes about an hour.


A few options:

(1) You could place and pin all your triangles first but I prefer to just sandwich as I go. I find the stopping/starting of the machine less time intensive than the pinning.

(2) If want to see the right side of the fabric from the back as well as the front, use 2 triangles per banner sandwich. Just take 2, put wrong sides together and stitch into the seam binding.

(3) If you want a banner longer than 3 yards, you’ll need to seam two or more packages of seam binding together before you start. I find 3 yards to be plenty most of the time as shown here.


All righty then. Time to start constructing the cake that Miss K designed. Is it a good thing that she’s so confident I can turn her drawing into a cake?


4 Responses to “Birthday banner”

  1. Sage Says:

    You are the most talented and sparkly seamstress I’ve ever seen. I got giddy viewing the banner!!

  2. Lauri Says:

    I want to hear about the cake construction project. Knowing K, I’m imaging an elaborate pully system.

  3. Martha Says:

    Ingenious banner!

  4. Merrill Ockey Says:

    Hey I was trawling for reliable knowledge on consumables for superwide printers. Your blog was listed on Bing in this category, you have an informative site.

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