The cake

From inspiration …


to reality …


The artist requested the color change from red to greenish-blue, and the whole thing came together surprisingly quickly once I had the ah-ha moment that the cake could form the body and the goodies in the grocery store aisles could do the rest.

The cake is a rich chocolate Barefoot Contessa recipe that almost tastes like a brownie. It makes a 2-layer cake, which was perfect for this design. We wanted to color the frosting, so I swapped the chocolate buttercream that goes with the recipe for a cream cheese frosting, also from the Contessa book. The frosting uses both almond extract and vanilla extract, and is just delicious.

For the eyes, we used little brownie bites (purchased not made, though if you were hosting a crowd, cupcakes would work well!) + frosting + necco wafters. They are attached using chocolate sticks (made of extra dark chocolate, these are beyond good!). The legs are black licorice and the shoes are Nutter Butter cookies, secured with a bit more frosting. You’ll see there are no arms; a last-minute creative shift by the artist.

The verdict? Best cake ever. Fun to make. Not too time-consuming. And so yummy that the kids each had two pieces. And you know if you’ve ever hosted a kid party, they usually eat a bite or two and leave the rest behind.

Luckily, they didn’t eat it all … I can’t wait for dessert!


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