Testing 1-2-3 and 4

The worldwide headquarters of PK Communications and Sparkle K Productions is getting a makeover. After months of thoughtful consideration, we are now at the color testing stage.


I just love the little samples of paint you can buy for a few dollars. Of course, not every color is available in the sample so I had to buy a quart of one — tropicana cabana. That’s the one I was just sure would be THE ONE so I didn’t mind buying a quart. The color matched the button I’d brought along as inspiration just perfectly. Not surprisingly, what looks good on a button does not necessarily translate well to big expanses of wall. Turns out, the name is about all I love about this color in my office.

Dill Weed, the green, is a great green for the space but I’ve decided I’m not feeling green. I love the lovely robin’s egg color that Peacock Blue turned into on the walls. But I’m also loving the Soft Pumpkin. The two actually complement each other really well, so I’m considering Sage’s idea to do one wall (the one that is mostly window) in the Pumpkin and the rest in Peacock.

Next up: spackling. There are so many holes in these walls from someone who runs fast and loose with the hammer (what do you mean measure twice?) that I got the economy size!


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