Just like me and the DMV

You know what a title like that means? I have two unreleated tidbits to share but wanted to do it all in one post. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Just like me …


Miss K made this for me this morning. It’s a schedule for the afternoon that details everything from picking her up after school to all the stops she’d like to make and then on to afternoon activities and evening entertainment. And she rolled it up, tied it with twine and affixed a scalloped note. I guess some traits are a result of the environment. LOL!

… and the DMV

Now here’s a valuable tip that I cannot stress enough. If you get a notice from the DMV that reminds you to renew your license and gives you the option of making an appointment, do it! Do it just as soon as you get that notice because it will likely be at least a month before you can actually get an appointment.

But when you do, ha! You will show up and leapfrog over the 25 or more people who have been waiting for what must be hours, judging from the looks on their faces. And you will be in and out with license renewal in hand and a skip in your step in about 15 minutes.

Just don’t make the mistake I did and figure that even the beleaugred folks who work at the DMV must enjoy a small joke to brighten their day (after all, the dismal gray walls and pallid lightening sure weren’t doing anything to boost spirits). As I stepped up to have my photo taken, I asked the guy behind the camera, “How’s my hair?” He didn’t even give me a tiny smile. Not even a crinkle around the eyes to suggest a smile. But that’s funny, right? I’m cracking up just thinking about it.

And off we go into the weekend. Good thing I have my schedule in hand!


One Response to “Just like me and the DMV”

  1. Kristy Says:

    i love that she is a list girl too!

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