Magic Moment Monday

The magic in this Monday is in the messy …


That is what you see when you open the door to my office closet. And see is all you can do because it is now impossible to actually walk into the space. In planning the office re-do, many things have been moved into boxes for “temporary” storage in the closet. Then extra items from different rooms decided to join the fun. Added to that the boxes I keep on hand to mail presents to people and, really, it’s no surprise. Even for an order-craving, space beautifying gal like me.

But here’s the magic part … I can restore calm and order with a bit of time and clever logistics. I’m waiting for the inspiration to hit. Meantime, I’ll just enjoy the magical potential in the messy!

P.S. This topic was inspired by a new blog favorite, and her idea to host Messy Monday.


2 Responses to “Magic Moment Monday”

  1. Rubyellen Says:

    thanks for joining! but i still think my closet is much more worse off than yours, but that’s what closets are for right… hiding things!!! such magic in a closet… lots of hidden treasure, uh, junk… haha!

  2. Open storage « Says:

    […] collecting office supplies, storage is tight. Well, you’ve seen the office closet. Remember, the one I can’t actually step into? Well that problem and more is being solved by two shiny […]

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