Open storage

Beyond the sparkly new paint, the office is dressed up with my new favorite storage solution: baker’s racks.


When closet space is a premium and you have a habit of collecting office supplies, storage is tight. Well, you’ve seen the office closet. Remember, the one I can’t actually step into? Well that problem and more is being solved by two shiny industrial racks. What I love is that they can take a lot of weight and have room for bulky things like the printers, fax machine and scanner. My big workhorse printer is on this one; the other items, which aren’t used as much, are on the other.

Even fully loaded and with everything in plain site, they retain an open feeling so my small space doesn’t feel closed in like it did when I was using a too-big credenza + bookshelf. And they come complete with wheels (or stationary leg option) for added fun.

These gems came from Target online (the stores don’t stock them … at least the local one doesn’t) and were delivered within a week of ordering. Pretty easy to put together … there is one little part that supposedly smooshes (technical term) together but we (my able painter helper Lauri and I) couldn’t make that happen. Looking at it, the smooshing seems a physics impossibility. But what would I know, I never took physics. Since the rack is super sturdy even non-smooshed, we called it good.

I am already envisioning more spaces transformed with these snappy solutions … that closet could be next!


One Response to “Open storage”

  1. Martha Says:

    Is that a Chicago Manual of Style I spy on the shelf? In my copy editing days, I always preferred the AP style guide. 🙂 However, always kept both on hand for reference.

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