Tippy Tuesday

Sometimes when brainstorming for a client project, my princess brain goes a’whirling in other directions and comes up with all kinds of other ideas. It all eventually comes full circle back to the project at hand so I guess the tangents are vital to the result. In an effort to speed today’s clearing out process, I have a few tips.

Tip #1: Freezer Paper

Say goodbye to flimsy pattern paper and taping short pieces to get the right length. Freezer paper will be your new best sewing friend. You’ll find it at the grocery story in big rolls that let you go as long as you want. It’s thick enough for stability but not too thick to make cutting a challenge.


Tip #2: Bullseye

Turns out that it was easier to commit to a new office wall color than to decide where to hang bulletin boards, pictures and other wall art. I’m gun-shy about hammering new holes. While I wait for the hesitancy to pass (and it will cuz I love to hammer), I have a barely noticeable solution: push pin + bulldog clip. Color me happy!


Tip #3: Curved Safety Pins

Let’s say you’re sewing pj pants or similar bottom garmet. You’ll have two fronts and two backs that are quite similar in shape and size. How to tell them apart? You could make a chalk mark. Even better, and a sure bet against fading and subsequent confusion, are curved safety pins. Designed for quilting, these snappy items make it so easy to mark and find your place … no matter what the applicaiton — sewing or otherwise.


Well, now that those are down on paper so to speak, let’s see what brilliance I can come up with for the day job.


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