Pretty Packages

Well here we are, Monday again. And a grey, wet and dreary one too. How about a pretty picture to provide some pep?


This was a “new mama” kit for a good friend. Tucked inside was a collection of goodies to provide a bit of magic for those sleep-deprived, when did I take a shower (?) days:

:: set of handmade thank you cards for dashing off quick notes

:: little notebook of “baby days” with emphasis on the little cuz there’s no need to be overwhelmed by a big, blank page when you have a newborn

:: red nail polish for a colorful boost

:: a package of birthday candles for a year’s worth of moments to celebrate

:: I will do one thing today post-it notes — because doing one thing is more than enough

:: Bubblegum — what’s more fun than chewing big, pink gum?

:: Betty Boop “you’re hot” mints — because it’s good to have a reminder

:: Emergency chocolate — no explanation required

This one was so fun to put together that I might just have to make this the year of the “kit” gifts. I’ll keep you posted!


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