Blogging here, blogging there

OK, not so much blogging here, more blogging there. My sparkly attention has been diverted to the serious business of school district budget cuts and creating a forum to keep the local parent, teacher and staff community connected and informed. It’s a challenging process with so many involved and so many differing opinions, leaving not as much room in my princess head as I’d like for creating and idea sharing.

While I refill the well, let me turn your attention to my just-updated blog list. I find no end to the discovery of inspiring and visually exciting blogs, and my lengthy bookmark list shows it! Just a few of the blogs I must check daily (and I bet you’ll want to too) include:

:: m.writes — an invigorating mix of ideas, handcrafted, quotes and more

:: it’s mary ruffle — delicious daily eye candy

:: habit — compelling photography paired with captions

:: a friend to knit with — even though I don’t knit, I’m inspired all the visuals and ideas

:: S.HOPtalk and Stephmodo — curated collections of what’s fresh, fun and funky

Finally, a bit of inspiration from the backyard where, after a week of rain, the sun filters through the gorgeous pinky-reds and greens.



One Response to “Blogging here, blogging there”

  1. marta Says:

    thanks for the shout out. am happy to find your blog and browse it for a bit. have a nice weekend!

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