You could do a party around that

I seem to amass large quantities of bits and pieces despite my best efforts to pare down and simplify. A handful of green Chinese takeout-style containers? Better keep that. The cute set of 12 footed dessert dishes. Better keep that. The bottles that once housed Italian sparkling water that have a great shape? Keepers for sure.

Why? Well because you could do a party around that. Those words come out of my mouth anytime I critically target the bits and pieces for the recycle bin. And when friends are clearing out cupboards.

One friend asked if I was planning a party after I exclaimed over a mismatched set of white plates big enough to serve as platters. Hmmm, not at the moment. But I might. And if I did those mismatched plates could become the central backdrop of, say, a dessert party where everything is dressed in white to make the colorful cakes and treats stand out.

Or those bottles …


Imagine them parading down the center of a brunch buffet, filled with colorful juices (thanks Donna!).

I suspect that the collection will continue to build, so I should probably concentrate on snappy storage solutions.


One Response to “You could do a party around that”

  1. Alyice Edrich Says:

    I love those bottles! I collect bottles. Well, I recycle bottles into art. Sometimes, I have to throw out bottles simply because I don’t have any more room for them and it literally pains me. LOL

    Love your blog, by the way. Simple. Refreshing. Interesting.

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