Ghost in the toilet and fly in my coffee

The upstairs toilet began flushing itself every 10 minutes or so yesterday. A very confused fly who went in the wrong direction when the screen door was open to the very welcome sun, panicked and tried to drink my coffee. An “add sparkle” client assignment has mysteriously grown in word count and now I have to figure out how to put it on a diet without losing the glitter. All in the next hour.

But that’s OK because it’s Friday and I have:

:: a huge glass of sparkling water

:: a new cup of coffee with cream

:: plans for sushi and tapas (but not in the same evening)

:: my sisters to hang out with

:: sun pouring through the house

:: fabric cut out and ready to go

:: nails painted Vixen

:: first baseball practice for Miss K to look forward to

:: more aprons to make (this one is for my very cute mom)



2 Responses to “Ghost in the toilet and fly in my coffee”

  1. marta Says:

    so so cute. am loving the fabrics and fun colors. adore your blog and all you are whipping up, so creative.

    • studiopk Says:

      Thank you so much! You are too kind. Now if only I could get into a
      regular posting routine. Guess I should count my billable hour
      blessings. Thanks again! PK

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