Upstairs Downstairs

Well, hello there. It might seem from my rather conspicuous absence that I have forgotten I have a blog. Actually, the lack of blogging has been nagging me like the way that little voice inside your head pipes up when you’re contemplating eating ice cream for dinner. I just haven’t felt very blog-y.

In an effort to break the “another day, another no post” that has become all too routine, I decided I had to post before I could have lunch. And I’m hungry. So there it is then. Time to blog!  Time to share the big ta da and fruits of much organization labor over the past couple weeks.

Behold, the closet.


Yes, this is the closet that was so jammed with stuff that I couldn’t find anything, never mind actually get past opening the door.

The baker’s rack came to the rescue. Nestled inside the space, it houses so much in lovely order and there is still room for the industrial file cabinet that holds the many files I seem to produce on a regular basis. I can see and find everything in an instant.


Throughout the weeding and sorting process there were many a “so that’s where that went” and “why do I have this?” moments. What hasn’t been recycled or donated has gone into storage in the basement.

Now the basement seems to be multiplying with stuff. For every box I bring down there, four seem to grow. It’s packed again … just like last year at this time even though it’s been cleaned out twice meantime. How is that possible? Guess I know what my “once the rain stops but before it gets sweltering” spring/summer project will be.


3 Responses to “Upstairs Downstairs”

  1. Sage Cohen Says:

    You are so super-duper amazing!!!

  2. misspaperdoll Says:

    Nice work on the office! Looks great! Can you help me with mine now???

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