Snacks for 20 (aka the way I roll)

It’s state-mandated test week at all the schools in our district. Sounds like, in 2nd grade at least, the first goal is to keep the kids energized and feeling positive about marathon sessions with their #2 pencil. Doling out snacks during the test seems to do the trick. Kinda like a fuel source on IV drip with the added fun of being able to eat at your desk.

The snacks are, of course, brought by parent volunteers. I signed up for Tuesday, which meant Cinco de Mayo, which meant I was making cheese quesadillas at 6:30 a.m. Carrot sticks and a shiny apple rounded out the snack.

The food was the easy part. The packaging was a whole other story. Sure, the snacks didn’t really need to be packaged. But they presented a packaging opportunity and, as you may know already, or may have guessed, I [heart] packaging stuff.

First I thought of little bento boxes. How cute. But completely over the top and expensive. OK, so what about takeout containers with handles all tied up with a tag? Possible, but still pricey and wasteful (you know those containers would go right into the trash).

I ended up going basic. Paper lunch bag (recyclable) embellished with a row of stamped owls (cuz owls are smart and so are the kids) + tag (just printed the text onto colored card stock and punched out). The snacks were tucked into the bags, which were stapled shut with the tag. Simple. And the kids were so excited when the snacks arrived, which just goes to show that simple can = special.



2 Responses to “Snacks for 20 (aka the way I roll)”

  1. Lauri Says:

    I need a snack. Even more, we all need the “You’re doing great!” message. Lucky kids.

  2. misspaperdoll Says:

    can you please me be my class mom? oh wait..i don’t go to school anymore:)

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