I’ve said it before and I’ll no doubt say it many more times. School field trips take superhero levels of energy and patience. Except, it turns out, when you take 40 2nd graders on a hike to the beach. A hike that is nearly 2 miles one way but quite easy with a wide trail. You see, they can’t go anywhere but the trail. No where to get lost. Very few opportunities to get into mischief. And they get out all their pent-up scooty juice on the way.

Then they get to the beach and the surf, sand and sun do their magic. Of course, the teachers are anxious about rogue waves and a few kids end up drenched. But there are plenty of parents around and, after a line in the sand is drawn (literally) to create a safe boundary, much to the kids’ dismay, everyone relaxes. Picnic lunches are opened, sandwiches get some extra crunch from the sand, which you tell the kids is the best way to have a sandwich. And all too soon it’s time to pack up and hike back.

It takes longer going back. It’s hotter. You marvel at how much sand lands in the cars, in the classrooms and even back at the house.  Faces are flushed, feet are tired. But you can’t wait to do it again, and feel ever so lucky that this place is practically in your backyard.


2 Responses to “Respite”

  1. Kristy Says:

    How fun! Can’t wait till I get to go on field trips. But we do get our first set of school pictures next week:)

  2. Lauri Says:

    That pink flower is amazing. What is it?

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