Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Every since I decided to do the little giveaway, that rhyme has been on a continual loop inside my head. And while we have no chicken dinner, we do have two apron winners who can make chicken dinner in style!

:: Miss Paper Doll

:: The second H

These girls are practically family and the only ones to leave a comment. And if you have only 2, it’s hard to pick 1. So 2 winners it is! And quite the interesting wrap-up to my giveaway experiment.

In other news …

We’re headed into the last weeks of school. Since K began grade school, it’s been quite a surprise to experience the near insane level of activities and to-dos that come along with the last few weeks. Even though this is my 3rd year, I’m still surprised.

On the flip side, the waning days of the school year means that I’m that much closer to the annual reprieve from making lunch at 6:30 a.m. Speaking of lunches (not that we really were but I am now) … it often happens that some of the carefully and lovingly packed lunch comes home uneaten with claims of being too busy or not hungry. I prefer not to throw usable leftovers out but apple slices after sitting in tupperware for hours are not the freshest.

The other day, I decided to try reusing them and borrowed an idea I got from my friends Donna and Carrie. I took those leftover slides and sauteed them in a teeny bit of butter and brown sugar until they were super soft, and then ate them with some non-fat vanilla yogurt. Absolutely delicious! And the house smelled yummy too. Another fine thing to make in a cute apron.



One Response to “Winner, winner, chicken dinner”

  1. Donna Says:

    With my last of three being Miss K’s age, I have learned that not hungry or not enough time are true and I need to go with it or I’m going to waste a lot of food, under the feeling like I sent a nutritional lunch and I’m a good mommy umbrella. If you need to be snapped into reality just go eat lunch with them and watch what happens to most lunches. My oldest teen takes a cliff bar, small package of dried cranberries and water, EVERYDAY! Not to warm and fuzzy but it could be so much worse. My middle H is in the middle, sometimes a sandwich, or a cliff bar, once in a while buy, GROSS! Baby H is a birdie and I’m lucky with a sandwich and a soy milk. BOTTOM LINE send them off with a good breakfast and make sure you’ve got lots of fruit and other healthy stuff when they get home.

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