More sewing stories

The weekend was long, quiet and chilly! Perfect for a marathon sewing session. The run down in numbers:

:: items cut out – 9

:: items made — 6

:: ideas cut from the list — 1 (handmade napkins for Open House at K’s school. Don’t know where that idea came from but happy that I cut it before getting too far in!)

:: zippers put in — 1 (in an actual skirt that I can actually wear!)

:: bobbins wound — 4

:: trips to the fabric store — 2

:: seams ripped out — 3 (tricky waistbands!)

:: hems pressed — 4

:: things made that I like — 5 (there is one unfortunate skirt, made without pattern, that looks more like a drawstring bag and that is this close to being taken apart so the fabric and elastic can be reused)

:: lessons learned — a lot! A sampling …

… I do not know enough yet to make clothes for myself without a pattern

… zippers are not scary

… between all the jumping around from cutting to pressing to sewing, you get quite a workout and may actually wake up sore the next day

And because no Sparkly post is complete without a picture, here is my favorite tote bag for summer. After trying several, I have to say this Amy Butler pattern is my hands-down favorite. Easy to make, fun to use.

market tote 1

Now it’s off to write brilliant things for clients while slogging through the mountain of laundry that collected during the All Sewing, All the Time weekend.


One Response to “More sewing stories”

  1. Lauri Says:

    I am so impressed and, luckily, inspired since I promised to make lounge pants and aprons for all the cousins. I think Pat might have to buy multiple puzzles if he’s going to sit in the living room while all of them get made but I can’t wait to do the shopping! No one had color preferences so I’m going to go nuts (hopefully they won’t be sorry but, on the other hand, that would teach them to speak up – ha!).

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