This girl in 20 bullet points …

1. Is sparkly like a holiday
2. Adores being Katie’s mom
3. Learns every day how to be a better single parent
4. Arranges words on paper for a living
5. Drives a bright red VW bug named Daisy
6. Brings cupcakes to corporate business meetings (she is very popular at stuffy corporate offices, and gets people to do what she needs them to do this way)
7. Gives code names to all of her projects
8. Listens to hopelessly unhip music
9. Makes art with paper and glue
10. Loves to organize stuff, loves office supplies even more
11. Drinks coffee with cream
12. Rearranges the furniture every season
13. Rides a bright pink bike for grown-up girls
14. Loves the water
15. Rarely watches TV but is addicted to America’s Next Top Model (go figure)
16. Collects scrapbooking supplies and high-heeled shoes
17. Cooks dinners for a family of 5 even though she has a family of 2
18. Dances around the house when she’s happy or writes a particular snappy sentence
19. Lives in Marin County in California, and knows she’s lucky to do so
20. Has a sweet life


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Connie Says:

    Snap! this is exactly what I would have said. But where, oh where, is Hello Kitty?

  2. Christina Katz Says:

    I LOVE this. And look how much I learned about you in only twenty lines!

    Bingo, baby. Keep going!

    Your writer mama friend

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