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Introducing Hannah Banana

January 30, 2007

One day, two posts. How’s that for snappy? Had to do two because this announcement calls for its very own post. As I just finished talking about moments ago, we visited the Bs last weekend. The Bs have three girls … the H girls … who are 13, 11 and 6. Thanks to the eldest H, I found out that “cool” is no longer cool. And that people of a certain age, who are ever so fond of saying cool, are just so not. And that got me to thinking. How is one to stay hip if one is not part of the teenage scene?

Never fear, dear readers! We will soon be in the know. I’m honored to announce the HB Top 10. Every now and then (and I’m hoping quite often as I am in desperate need of hip tips … oh dear, what if “hip” isn’t cool to say?), the one and only Hannah Bannah will report in from the teen scene with a top 10 list. Top 10 favorite books. Top 10 best songs. Top 10 ways to annoy your parents. Top 10 movies to rent. Top 10 ways to get your mom to take you to your favorite shops. You get the idea.

Welcome Miss Hannah! I’m awfully glad you’re here.