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Pretty Packages

March 2, 2009

Well here we are, Monday again. And a grey, wet and dreary one too. How about a pretty picture to provide some pep?


This was a “new mama” kit for a good friend. Tucked inside was a collection of goodies to provide a bit of magic for those sleep-deprived, when did I take a shower (?) days:

:: set of handmade thank you cards for dashing off quick notes

:: little notebook of “baby days” with emphasis on the little cuz there’s no need to be overwhelmed by a big, blank page when you have a newborn

:: red nail polish for a colorful boost

:: a package of birthday candles for a year’s worth of moments to celebrate

:: I will do one thing today post-it notes — because doing one thing is more than enough

:: Bubblegum — what’s more fun than chewing big, pink gum?

:: Betty Boop “you’re hot” mints — because it’s good to have a reminder

:: Emergency chocolate — no explanation required

This one was so fun to put together that I might just have to make this the year of the “kit” gifts. I’ll keep you posted!


More magic

February 23, 2009

There I was digging deep for the magic a couple hours ago and there was another magic moment just waiting around the corner. Guess you gotta be patient sometimes.

After a quick grocery run following the afternoon school pick-up, I found myself singing whatever silly Musak song I’d just heard at the store. I interrupted myself to ask K, “Isn’t it great to have such a cool mom?” cuz what’s more cool than singing off key in the car?

She said, “I’m not going to answer that question. Out of order.”

And with that, I got a great belly laugh for the day. Just the perfect magical moment.

Magic Moment Monday

February 23, 2009

Digging deep for the magic today. It’s one of those Mondays that is just such a Monday. And strangely enough, it started out zippy with boundless energy and manageable to do list.

A couple hours in, and my volunteer commitments threatened to undo me. So it was time for some tough decisions; deciding what I realistically can do and then telling the people who are expecting more. Now there’s nothing to do but hope for an understanding response. And look for a little magic.

And here it is … magic in the memories, and the technology that makes it all possible:


For the first four months of 2008, I took a daily photo. Some of the shots ended up here, as part of blog posts. Most are tucked in an electronic folder. The shot above is exactly one year ago today: February 23, 2008. Up at Grandma and Grandpa’s during Ski Week. Playing in the snow with our colorful boots.

It’s magical that one photo can transcend the moment frozen in time to bring again the feelings of warmth, joy, lightheartedness.

Magic Moment Monday

February 9, 2009


The power of paint combined with a little elbow grease and the company of a good friend is magically transformative! My office is now a gorgeous robins egg blue (actually Peacock Blue from Benjamin Moore) that, paired against the white trim and window casements, hums with a vibrant energy. It’s bold but still quiet. Conducive not chaotic.

I’m told that blue is the most creatively-inspiring color. I’m hoping for 25x more creativity in my refreshed office. That would really be magic!

Magic Moment Monday

February 2, 2009

The magic in this Monday is in the messy …


That is what you see when you open the door to my office closet. And see is all you can do because it is now impossible to actually walk into the space. In planning the office re-do, many things have been moved into boxes for “temporary” storage in the closet. Then extra items from different rooms decided to join the fun. Added to that the boxes I keep on hand to mail presents to people and, really, it’s no surprise. Even for an order-craving, space beautifying gal like me.

But here’s the magic part … I can restore calm and order with a bit of time and clever logistics. I’m waiting for the inspiration to hit. Meantime, I’ll just enjoy the magical potential in the messy!

P.S. This topic was inspired by a new blog favorite, and her idea to host Messy Monday.

Monday Magic :: 3

January 26, 2009


In a day where “regular schedule” applies to everyone except your daughter whose school is closed for a Staff Development Day, there’s a pretty slim chance at finding balance. And yet, it’s there. Between the ebb and flow of deadlines met and Lego cities built. In the few minutes taken to enjoy an impromptu, on-the-go picnic before returning the rental car. In the giggling over possible paint colors for the office. And in the slivers of time between the to-dos for hugs and conversation. Balance is shy and quickly upset but surprisingly present when least expected.