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300 and a giveaway

May 13, 2009

Hard to believe but this is my 300th blog post. Turns out they do add up even when you fall off the blogging bandwagon. Of course, 300 isn’t much when you compare to those daily bloggers for whom I have endless admiration and count on for a happy diversion during the workday. Still, 300 is 300 and I think we should celebrate with aprons.

Aprons you ask? Yup. I’ve made 8 so far this year and show no signs of stopping. They’re cute, fun to make and, the best part, offer endless color combination opportunities (and you know I love a good color story).


Want one? I’m giving one away. And not just any old one that’s already been made. One just for you. In whatever colors you like best. Just leave a comment (obviously, it can’t be annoynmous) and I’ll do a little drawing on Monday. I’ve never done a giveaway but I figure why not give it a shot? After all, if my “use those 42 cent stamps quick” post got over 350 hits (and I am so not the USPS expert), then surely “giveaway” will get a few more visitors. Let’s consider it a social experiement and all around snappy way to celebrate 300.


Funniest April fool’s comment

April 1, 2009

On call with a client today … a client who is also a friend …

Me: Are you doing any April fool’s jokes?

Tanya: Are you kidding? My whole life’s a joke.

Both: hysterical laughter; business at hand quickly forgotten.

You could do a party around that

March 12, 2009

I seem to amass large quantities of bits and pieces despite my best efforts to pare down and simplify. A handful of green Chinese takeout-style containers? Better keep that. The cute set of 12 footed dessert dishes. Better keep that. The bottles that once housed Italian sparkling water that have a great shape? Keepers for sure.

Why? Well because you could do a party around that. Those words come out of my mouth anytime I critically target the bits and pieces for the recycle bin. And when friends are clearing out cupboards.

One friend asked if I was planning a party after I exclaimed over a mismatched set of white plates big enough to serve as platters. Hmmm, not at the moment. But I might. And if I did those mismatched plates could become the central backdrop of, say, a dessert party where everything is dressed in white to make the colorful cakes and treats stand out.

Or those bottles …


Imagine them parading down the center of a brunch buffet, filled with colorful juices (thanks Donna!).

I suspect that the collection will continue to build, so I should probably concentrate on snappy storage solutions.

Pretty Packages

March 2, 2009

Well here we are, Monday again. And a grey, wet and dreary one too. How about a pretty picture to provide some pep?


This was a “new mama” kit for a good friend. Tucked inside was a collection of goodies to provide a bit of magic for those sleep-deprived, when did I take a shower (?) days:

:: set of handmade thank you cards for dashing off quick notes

:: little notebook of “baby days” with emphasis on the little cuz there’s no need to be overwhelmed by a big, blank page when you have a newborn

:: red nail polish for a colorful boost

:: a package of birthday candles for a year’s worth of moments to celebrate

:: I will do one thing today post-it notes — because doing one thing is more than enough

:: Bubblegum — what’s more fun than chewing big, pink gum?

:: Betty Boop “you’re hot” mints — because it’s good to have a reminder

:: Emergency chocolate — no explanation required

This one was so fun to put together that I might just have to make this the year of the “kit” gifts. I’ll keep you posted!


February 21, 2009

Sipping coffee. Sewing burb cloths for friends. Making dinner plans. Chasing sunlight. The house quietly settles into Saturday.



My funny Valentine

February 14, 2009

Heart pancakes. Little surprises. Rainy day. Movies and popcorn. PJ time. Have a lovely, heart-filled day!


Use those 42-cent stamps quick

February 10, 2009


Cuz they’re only good until May 11, 2009. Yup, the USPS announced another postage rate increase today. A first-class stamp will cost 44 cents after May 11. Revenue losses were the reasons given for the hike, attributed to a sharp decline in amount of snail mail over the past few years.

Yeah, so I know we’re all using email a lot more. And sending e-cards for birthdays and all. But I tell ya, every time I go into the post office (was there today in fact), the line is just as long … and slow.

There is something different though: the clerks at the window are practicing their upsell skills. Now they suggest Express Mail or Priority over regular first-class or parcel post, followed by the litany of other services you surely want for your card to Aunt Milly (such as e-tracking, return receipt, delivery confirmation, extra insurance and more). After you smile but politely decline all those bells and whistles for your little card, they remind you that you should buy some extra stamps. It’s all delivered in a hopeful sort of way that’s cute yet surreal.

All this has prompted me to offer two tips:

1. Send more mail even if it does cost 2 cents more. Maybe the boost in demand will stave off another increase in 6 months. For sure it will make those postal people grin. Plus, how fun is it to send and receive happy mail?

2. Buy those forever stamps now. Quick like a bunny. Then you won’t have to deal with finding 2-cent stamps to go with your 42-cent ones come mid-May.

Friday feature

February 6, 2009


Pink flowers. Blue vintage-y mason jar. Perfect combo for a rainy Friday.

Signed, sealed and delivered

February 5, 2009


Or more like …

:: x-acto knifed

:: glued + glittered

:: xoxo’d

:: handwritten

:: addressed

… and then sealed and delivered.

The 2009 handcrafted Valentine’s are out. There’s not much I like more than planning Valentine’s (and Halloween) cards, doing the whole assembly line construction, and tucking each creation in its own envelope.

Now on to handmade heart-and-lollipop Valentines for K’s class. Looking for ideas? Martha has lots more (of course) and so does this crafty blogger.

Oh, month of hearts and flowers, we love thee so!

Just like me and the DMV

January 30, 2009

You know what a title like that means? I have two unreleated tidbits to share but wanted to do it all in one post. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Just like me …


Miss K made this for me this morning. It’s a schedule for the afternoon that details everything from picking her up after school to all the stops she’d like to make and then on to afternoon activities and evening entertainment. And she rolled it up, tied it with twine and affixed a scalloped note. I guess some traits are a result of the environment. LOL!

… and the DMV

Now here’s a valuable tip that I cannot stress enough. If you get a notice from the DMV that reminds you to renew your license and gives you the option of making an appointment, do it! Do it just as soon as you get that notice because it will likely be at least a month before you can actually get an appointment.

But when you do, ha! You will show up and leapfrog over the 25 or more people who have been waiting for what must be hours, judging from the looks on their faces. And you will be in and out with license renewal in hand and a skip in your step in about 15 minutes.

Just don’t make the mistake I did and figure that even the beleaugred folks who work at the DMV must enjoy a small joke to brighten their day (after all, the dismal gray walls and pallid lightening sure weren’t doing anything to boost spirits). As I stepped up to have my photo taken, I asked the guy behind the camera, “How’s my hair?” He didn’t even give me a tiny smile. Not even a crinkle around the eyes to suggest a smile. But that’s funny, right? I’m cracking up just thinking about it.

And off we go into the weekend. Good thing I have my schedule in hand!